About Us

Camille Primm is a professional career coach, a published author, a top notch speaker, an award winning consultant and an accomplished leader known for being one of the best career strategists in the business.

Now for the straight scoop - so far Camille has held over 40 paid positions. Sure, some of the positions were projects and some longer term jobs, but you name it, she's pretty much worked there in some shape or form. She's never been fired, was downsized once...and is still exploring new and different ways to live doing exactly what she loves to do. After all, we change, so why shouldn't our work interests change with us?

Why a Blog??? Camille says...

I wanted a forum where I could speak less formally about the topics I love to go on about: managing a career, dealing with change, communicating better with everyone else on the planet and even how to actually like your work.

I am creating this forum for my coaching clients large and small, and for friends and colleagues both local and all over the world who may or may not have access to the advice of a career professional who's been around the block a few times.

The Career Queen is a place for me to help anyone interested in working through every day job issues in a way that's both more personal and less personal, at the same time.

While I may be known in some circles as the Queen of Speaking and whip up an entertaining, informative keynote or training seminar for CEOs or engineers, this forum is a chance to relax and have more of a conversation with my audience - so I'm counting on your work questions and feedback to get this blog launched. And seriously, when has being passive ever paid off when it comes to work or life in general?

Primm and Partners

Our Purpose

We believe that each person has the ability to live happily, to love their work and to share that inspiration with others. Our mission is to honestly and ethically provide our clients with the tools, guidance and inspiration they need to realistically achieve their goals.

Our History

Primm & Partners is a privately-owned San Diego, California-based consultancy specializing in career and performance strategies. P&P was founded and is currently helmed by noted strategic consultant and author Camille Primm. P&P has been around in one form or another for more than 16 years.

Who we are

Team P&P is comprised of a small, close-knit network of professional consultants carefully selected and managed on a project-by-project basis by Principal and founder Camille Primm. As each engagement is unique, individuals and/or teams are chosen and matched to the requirements and characteristics of the client. This allows P&P to provide flexible, cost-effective solutions for both individuals and organizations requiring engagements of varying scope and duration.